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Peter Schmid is one of Germany's most highly acclaimed studio art jewelers. His creations are one of a kind and all hand fabricated using primarily high karat gold, silver, platinum, and unique gemstones by Germany's most renowned stone cutters.

 "I was recently asked why I became an artist – what was the inspirational spark? I thought back to my childhood, the hours I spent climbing over the stacks of wood in my father Carlo’s lumberyard in rural Ostrach and the countless books I read: densely printed pages through which I discovered the rest of the world. I was captured by the fantastic places described in these books, but moreover by the atlas that took me on my most remote adventures – if only in my mind’s eye. All these years later, I love to travel, to meet interesting people, to collect pictures of street art, contemporary and medieval architecture, patterns, textures and tastes – all of which I approach with a child-like appetite for discovery and curiosity. It is this same curiosity that attracts me to a specific stone, to explore the juxtaposition between color combinations or between two unusual objects, then uncover a feeling, an encounter, a story, and draw it into a single object."